“We are not our thoughts; we just convey more of what we focus on.”


Scandinavian design has well and truly taken hold within most aspects of life now – and I for one couldn’t be happier about that. Simple, clean, naturally inspired decor and minimal, stylish yet practical interiors really do it for me (and my mind, as it goes). On a personal jaunt, simplistic spaces cultivate a greater sense of clarity for me, giving space to relax or focus when required.

I know I’m late on to this – but I stumbled across this term after having a pretty tough couple of weeks. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but when I read about this – I knew this is what I needed to become more conscious of, within my daily awareness. And, I’m glad I came across it now, so snuggle up and let’s get grateful!

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh), is a Danish word without literal English translation. Essentially, Hygge is a way of living, not just within this moment – it’s about being curiously and attentively present and grateful for the mundane. Hygge is about recognising and generally enjoying small pleasures and beauty within everything. What we’re talking about is finding comfort, joy and happiness within the so called “everyday” – simple is beautiful.

So what’s Hygge and how do we “do it”? Well, from my understanding, sitting on cushions around a low, candlelit table, drinking tea and sharing some good food and stories with friends and family is about as hygge as you can be -unless of course you throw in a roaring fire and some oversized chunky knit jumpers of course. The cosier and comforting the environment, the better!

What I’m proposed is to take the Hygge concept of simple, beautiful and grateful living into everyday mindfulness too, and utilising that “mundane” gratefulness to one that incorporates criticism of ourselves, our thoughts and feelings, and without judgement recognising them – and recognising the joyous and comforting sensations within ourselves. Cultivate a sense of warmth for yourself and your body, appreciate the goodness in you enough to take good and proper care of yourself.

Take a few moments each day to take a few deep breaths, check in and recognise something that feels comfortable and relaxed right now, and be grateful for that. Enjoy that particular feeling or perhaps you caught yourself thinking of something really positive or happy. Just note that thought or feeling, too often we focus on the negative thought train or the uncomfortable feelings – if we don’t give the positives any attention you may be fooled into thinking that you’re “just a negative person”, or that you’re “generally anxious”. We are not our thoughts; we just convey more of what we focus on.

So, as Autumn falls and the nights are drawing in, throw on a chunky scarf and wrap up warm and spend some time appreciating the natural world around you. Then get yourself cosy, give yourself some time to enjoy the simple things with friends and family. But also give your mind some comfort too, appreciate the good stuff, however irrelevant it may seem at first. The more of the positives that you note in your mind, the more the mind will naturally settle back into positivity as its default setting.

Be well,

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