“I want to prove to myself and to others that we each have the power and drive within us to create stories beyond our dreams.”


So, for those of you that don’t know me, or for those who haven’t heard me going on about swimming, biking or running over the last 6 weeks; I am training for a triathlon.

I have for the past three years now, passed on the idea of training, in fact any specific exercise all together, and in place taken a more relaxed approach – taking the dogs out or just generally running around being silly with my kids. But, after putting on more weight than I’d care to fully recognise and seeing my fitness levels drop, I thought it’s time to shake things up a touch. So, the decision was made. Just before 2017 was out, I opted for a triathlon, which I booked, pre-paid and I even told people about it, making myself accountable. Now when people asked about my training, I always wanted to have completed something worthy of talking about.

Since that decision was made, things have changed. The triathlon I have booked myself onto is a sprint distance triathlon and for those who’re not sure, the distances involved in this particular race are: 400m swim, 22.4km bike and a 6.3km run. After I had committed to this distance race, my biggest concern out of the three was the swim. Yes, I can swim but as far as swimming as a sport and competing in races; I was essentially a non-swimmer. This was the first limiting belief I came up against.

I have, however, discovered a new found love for swimming and it is very quickly becoming my strongest suit. With that new found love came a lot more time in the water, actually enjoying the technical sessions and really enjoying the long days – during which, one particular long day swim session I clocked a 2.1-mile continuous swim in 1 hour 16 minutes. This got me thinking; if I can swim 2.1 mile, I can definitely swim 2.4 mile with a continued training, which incidentally is the distance of the swim section which makes up one third of an IRONMAN triathlon.

I couldn’t even help it, but the seed was planted that evening, and now I spend the majority of my evenings looking at training plans and watching swim, bike and run techniques and workouts – planning my journey from Everyman to Ironman.

I would love it if you were to join me, as my life’s trajectory just took a huge turn into a world I have only ever dreamed of. I am still a way off, but it’s time to stop my limiting beliefs and take control of my life. I no longer what to settle for the scraps of which I tell myself are left behind from the unachievable. I want to prove to myself and to others that we each have the power and drive within us to create stories beyond our dreams.

I was listening to a great podcast the other day and heard something that struck a cord with me, it went a little something like this; “if you’ve ever wanted something more in life, then get after it. Life is NOW, you just need to press play”.

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