Reflexology Taster Sessions

@ Wild & Wild

21.03.2018 + 23.03.2018 + 24.03.2018

9:30am – 5pm

(£15 for 30 minutes)

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Hello to all Wild & Wild fans! I’m so happy to be sharing the first – of many – of my reflexology blogs with you. The idea is based on all things reflexology!

I often find myself in very animated and passionate conversations about reflexology, whether I’m at a party, having just finished a game of sport or even sitting on a park bench during a samba drumming break. I will fill you in more with the final example, just to leave you hanging on the edge of your seat for a while. It’s good practice for keeping balanced…

The beauty of reflexology is that it can, pretty much, be spoken about anywhere and what’s even more ‘out of this world’ is that we already have the tools that we need to practice it…yes…our feet, hands and EVEN our ears! How AMAZING is that! I know…do stay seated.

OK, so what IS reflexology you ask. Well, to answer your question in brief: It’s the most incredible ancient practice that has been around for a tidy few thousand years. There is even evidence of reflexology drawings on an early Egyptian tomb. So we’re talking around 3,500 B.C. Quite impressive you say?!

Mind blowing!!

Reflexology has adapted and evolved over thousands of years using various strategies to discover how our incredible invention, our very own body, can be encouraged to heal and rebalance by using our own equipment and some forever-advancing reflexology methods and techniques. We are SO clever!

Reflexology follows the principle that each part of the body is linked to a reflex point, also known as pressure points. These points are to be found on the feet, hands and ears. Just to keep you fully ‘in’ on this reflexology business, ear reflexology has a more elegant term too: Auricular Reflexology. I know, it does sound posh! It’s actually an amazing reflexology method too! By using various techniques and applying specific pressure to a reflex, either a more energising or soothing effect, the body is given the opportunity to rebalance through its’ own natural healing ability.

My passion for reflexology, as a Clinical and Holistic Reflexologist, has grown tremendously over the past few years. I have had the opportunity to work from many clinics, given talks, workshops, worked at Contemporary Reflexology College as an assistant tutor, volunteered for charities and even led some beautiful baby reflexology groups. So there really is some scope with reflexology! That’s what I love about it, it opens up the creative you. Not only is this creative side opened up within me as a practitioner, but in clients too. Many clients have commented on reflexology changing their life; enabling them to relax, take time out and rebalance…leaving the therapy room with a clearer head and a more focussed mind.

Health and Well-being have been topics of interest to me as far back as my teenage years…ok, so I’m not that old, but it has developed largely over the past 15 years or so. This area of interest continues to grow within me every, single, day. I am truly overwhelmed to have the opportunity to be working from an amazing health hub, that will promote what is close to my heart…the art of following a happy and healthy life.

I see the benefits of creating a calm and relaxing environment for clients to enjoy a bespoke reflexology session, tailored to their needs. We work as a team, looking at which methods and techniques will be most effective for them. Reflexology is a hands-on therapy, offering the powerful human, healing touch, which helps to reduce stress and tension in the body.

So, returning to the samba story. I hope you haven’t slipped off your seat just yet! Halfway through a samba drumming event in Manchester, I noticed that a member of the band looked like they were experiencing quite a bit of discomfort. They told me that they were in a lot of pain with their hip and that they were waiting for a hip replacement operation. After finding out relevant background information about the drummer, I offered to give them some reflexology, which happened to be on a bench in a park – but that was the least of the their worries at the time. They were comfortable and very happy to give it a go. So I gave them a 15-minute reflexology session, largely focusing on the hip reflexes (luckily it was a sunny and not-so-cold day!). The pain subsided and the client was at complete ease. They were very impressed by the soothing effect that working the ears had on their hip! I know, mind-boggling isn’t it. The drummer was so happy with the results, that lasted a few days, that they booked some sessions in, to aid with pain up until their operation. To my own surprise too, the client shared that they had even been able to cut out using painkillers. I had placed ear seeds (acupuncture seeds) on their hip reflex on the ear, which they worked several times a day. This sent the signals to the hip and soothed the discomfort for them. I shall share more stories with you in future blogs too…there have been several encounters and spontaneous moments that have involved reflexology in some form or another!

If you would like to experience a relaxing and informative short reflexology session, now is your opportunity! Pop-up Reflexology with Emma is in town, it’s at Wild & Wild in fact! Look out for reflexology pop-up days on W&W’s colourful and wonderful social media pages, or give me a call to find out more directly from me. 07934 718 822.

It would be a delight to hear from you,

Thanks for reading lovely people!

Emma x

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