We Wild & Wild, once a family dream, now a team of awesome people, making food by hand with love, made entirely from plants. Our mission was always simple; to create a space for immersive wellness, leading with taste with a main focus on health.

We introduced our niche concept to our home town, wanting to increase the amounts of fruits and vegetables on our customers’ plates. We support our neighbours by sourcing local ingredients and buying as close to home as we possibly can. April & Chris Wild



Food is a shared human experience that connects all of us to our environment. It’s our mission to inspire collective food choices towards a more sustainable, happier and healthier planet.


We have a retail space offering zero-waste products, ethical and organic clothing as well as take-out superfoods, local breads, cakes and artisanal, quirky homewares..


Come and indulge your health within our beautiful café space, choose from a varied menu inspired by the most natural, nutritious and delicious plant-based ingredients.


Spread over three floors, we offer daily yoga, meditation and therapeutic treatments with plenty of things to do with the kids and lots of workshops throughout the year.